A customer angry about the number of hush puppies per order kicked a pregnant Long John Silver's employee in the stomach then ran away.

It's difficult for me to wrap my head around any fast food rage.  Why lose your temper on underpaid employees about things they have no control over?  This incident in Evansville, Indiana took it to the next level.  This was all over hush puppies according to Newsweek,

The woman was upset to find out that the restaurant only sells hush puppies in orders of two. An order of two usually costs around $1.89. The driver then reportedly yelled a racist slur at the employee as she drove past the drive-thru window.

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After the drive-thru window confrontation, a woman kept calling the Long John Silver's from the car demanding to speak to the manager and then jumped out of the vehicle and took her temper tantrum inside the restaurant.  That's when this incident turned physically violent.

The angry woman began shouting and throwing things around the restaurant.  The incident ended when the angry customer allegedly kicked a pregnant fast-food worker in her stomach.  The suspect then ran out of the store.

The incident took place on Sunday, January 2nd around 4:20 P.M. at an Evansville, Indiana Long John Silver's.  There were two women involved in the madness and they are yet to be identified.  All we know at this time is that they are black women, likely in their 30s, driving a red Toyota Camry.

It is unclear if the unborn baby suffered any serious injuries at this time.

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