An Indiana woman is arrested after making "Next Time He Cheats" look like child's play.

It's not funny that 24-year-old Jeannie Hall claims that her boyfriend cheated on her.  It's also not funny that Hall allegedly set his clothes on fire or smashed up his truck.  The funny part is her interaction with the police which lead to her arrest according to,

After following police orders to extinguish the fire with a garden hose, Hall, who smelled of alcohol, initially told police the fire was an accident, police said.

She then said, "I come from the woods, and we have bonfires all the time. I was just trying to roast some marshmallows," police said.

Hall then reportedly told the officer she was burning the clothes of the man she is living with because he cheated on her.

You read that right.  Her first defense was, "I come from the woods."  Immediately followed by her second defense, "I was just trying to roast some marshmallows.  She finally admits to police that she has the right to burn his clothes because he doesn't love her like he should.

I think the best part is when Hall decides to stop cooperating with police by saying I'm done with this," and starts to walk inside her house.  In fact, I dare say she could have gotten out of this with being arrested if she would have simply cooperated with police.

How do I know this?  Because the boyfriend (I'm hoping ex-boyfriend) refused to press charges on Hall over the damage to his truck and clothing.

Come on Indiana.  This isn't a contest between you and Ohio.  Stop it!

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