There is a HUGE snake den near this man's house in Belmont, Indiana.  The pics are horrid.

This story takes me back to the first time I saw Indiana Jones.  Remember the scene where he finds himself in a snake pit?

Just 5 years ago Tony Moore started building his house in Monroe County.  What he found would have left most people running for the hills.  Not Tony.  He LOVES snakes.  In fact, he collected snakes as a kid.  What he found near his house was multiple rattle snake dens according to Fox 59,

It turns out Moore’s house was right in the middle of several rattlesnake dens.

“I hit the mother lode. It’s like what they say, ‘Be careful what you wish for,’” Moore told FOX59.

Moore has kept an eye on the “timber rattlers” the past year, and he noticed that during gestation they tend to congregate.

The story doesn't end there.  Inside one of these snake dens Moore found a rattle snake with two heads.

A representative said that these rattle snakes are rare and it's best for people to just leave them alone.  I didn't need the DNR to tell me to leave rattle snakes alone.

You can see pictures of these snakes by clicking here.



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