A 19-year old Evansville, Indiana man takes cab to a bank, robs it, then takes cab home.

Derrick Faria is accused of robbing a Fifth Third Bank in Evansville Thursday afternoon.  According to courierpress.com,

Evansville Police say he passed a teller a note that said "this is a robbery give me all your money" but did not show a weapon. The teller gave him cash.

After the robbery, Faria reportedly returned to the parking lot, got back in the uCabbi minivan and asked the driver to take him home.

Faria was arrested less than an hour after the robbery took place.  They recovered all of the money except for the $20 he used to pay the taxi driver.

I'm no bank robbing expert.  However, I would like to think if I ever made the bad decision to rob a bank I would wear a disguise and not take a cab.  I'm surprised this guy didn't take a bank robbing selfie for his Snapchat story while he was there.

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