Nope, that's not a drunk driver, that's a first grader.  LaPorte, Indiana boy led police on chase for miles.

This story leaves me with more questions than answers. Here are the facts according to the New York Post.

#1.  Police attempted to pull over what they thought was a drunk driver in LaPorte, IN.
#2.  The police chase began at 3:30 AM Tuesday morning.
#3.  The boy was just trying to "have a little fun."

As a father, I'm a little confused about why a 7 year old is up at 3:30 in the morning on any day...specially a school day.  Not to mention, I know kids get bored easily, but dang.  Hopping in your mom's 2008 Kia Rio and going for a drive in the middle of the night?  According to,

The unidentified boy was taken to a police station, where he was released once his mother came up pick him up. Investigators said the boy apparently took off with the car after he was left alone inside the vehicle by his mother’s boyfriend with the keys still in the ignition, police said.

OK wait...a grown up whom is not his parent had the boy out at 3:30 AM and left him in the car.  Yeah, something deeper is going on here.  Child Protective Services are investigating.



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