In middle of the first day of school a Greenfield Central student received positive Covid-19 test results.  This only adds to the controversy of sending students and staff back to school during a pandemic.  Thursday, July 30th was the first day of school for Greenfield Junior High School just 30 minutes East of downtown Indianapolis.

The Hancock County Health Department contacted the school during their first day to inform them of the infected student.  School officials then worked to find everyone the student had come in contact with.  The student with Covid-19 and those he came in contact with were then asked to not return to school until for at least 14 days according to WishTV.

On the same day a staff member at Avon High School, another school in the Indianapolis area, tested positive for Covid-19.  Fortunately, that staff member had not been at school nor had contact with anyone at the school last week.

It's likely that school officials in Michigan are paying attention to how these Indiana situations will unfold in the coming weeks.  Currently, the first day of school on the Kalamazoo Public Schools calendar is a half day on Monday, August 31st.

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