A Dodge Challenger Hellcat driven by a guy named Jesus was pulled over in Indiana for going over 160 MPH.

This is an $80,000, 707-horsepower beast of a car.  It's hard to miss a car like this driving recklessly...especially when it's orange.  According to jalopnik.com,

The statement said a trooper, Dustin Eggert, was merging back onto the road after helping a driver who had broken down when he saw the orange Hellcat speed by on the Indiana Toll Road. Eggert claimed he saw the car weaving in and out of slower traffic without signaling, and sped up to catch the car.

According to the statement, Eggert got up to 150 mph chasing the Hellcat but still wasn’t gaining ground and radioed for other troopers ahead to help out. Eggert apparently caught the car when it got stuck between two semi trucks driving next to each other, which is probably the only time other drivers would wish to encounter that situation on a highway.

38-year Old Jesus Duran Sandoval was charged with Reckless Driving and taken to the LaPorte County Jail.

Jesus...slow down.


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