A nurse recently sang a Mariah Carey song for a Covid-19 patient and we would love to find her.

Tuesday someone uploaded a :16 clip of a nurse playing an acoustic guitar in full protective gear including gloves.  You can hear her incredible voice singing "Always Be My Baby" through her mask and shield.

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Without any back story at all, I was moved watching that short clip.  We've reached out to the youtube channel that uploaded the video but haven't heard back yet.  We've searched facebook, google, TikTok and youtube in the hopes of identifying this talented and compassionate healthcare worker.

One source says she's a nurse singing to a Covid-19 patient at a hospital in Bloomington, Indiana.  We're working on confirming that information.  We did notice the Indiana University Hospitals sign on the wall behind her.  There are multiple Indiana University Hospitals through out the Hoosier state.  We don't have enough info to know for sure that this happened in Bloomington, Indiana.

If you think you know who this might be, please let us know in the comments.

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