A cheap motel in Evansville now has a waitlist for the most disturbing reason.

Last April the Lauderdale County Jail's assistant director of corrections, Vicky White, broke Casey White out of jail.  Although the couple shares the same last name, they are not related or married.  Reports say the couple then traveled from Alabama to Evansville, Indiana.  They apparently pre-paid for a 2-week stay at the former Motel 6, now Motel 41.  The pair wasn't on the run for long, as the police found them in the Hoosier state on May 9th.  The police chase ended with a violent car accident where law enforcement apprehended Casey White.  Vicky White died of an apparent suicide.

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A clerk at the Motel 41 in Evansville told WHNT that the room the criminal couple stayed in now has a waitlist,

...as of last week, 65 to 70 people were waiting to stay in Room 150 at Motel 41, where Casey and Vicky White stayed while authorities nationwide conducted a manhunt for the pair.

Adding to the bizarre nature of this situation, the motel is renting out room 150 for $12 more than the other rooms.

Casey White was in the Lauderdale County jail as a capital murder suspect previous to his escape.  Casey is back in an Alabama jail and will face murder charges in June. Vicky White's body was buried in Lexington, Alabama two weeks ago.

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