Those electric cars at Walmart aren't just for the elderly.  They're also for drunk 22-year-olds.

Things got crazy at the Walmart on U.S. 6 in Portage, Indiana Thursday morning.  This didn't begin when Timothy Bryant allegedly ran into a wine display while drunk driving an electric cart inside Walmart, breaking several bottles.  Apparently, this story really begins about a week ago according to,

Portage police said Timothy Bryant admitted to sleeping in the store's changing rooms for the past several days. He also allegedly took chips from the selves and ate them.

The weren't even called after the cart incident.  Walmart escorted the man out of the store following the fiasco.  They didn't call the police until Walmart employees found that the suspect had returned to the store and was hanging out eating a bag of chips.

When the police arrested Bryant he had an empty vodka bottle in his sweatshirt and several bags of chips inside the electric cart.

The suspect is now in jail facing public intoxication, theft, resisting law enforcement, trespassing and criminal mischief charges.

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