Local law enforcement is on the hunt for a Chick-fil-A employee after he broke into a co-worker's house to perform an exorcism.

There have been many jokes about Chick-fil-A being a cult.  And it's no secret that the company leans conservative Christian, as they close on Sundays and have contributed to anti-lgbtq+ causes.  However, this Indiana employee has taken things to the next level and police want him behind bars according to Fox 59,

An active arrest warrant has been issued for Robert Nalker, a 38-year-old Avon man who has been charged in Hendricks County with felony residential entry, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

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A 9-1-1 call was placed around 1:20 in the morning last Tuesday after a man broke into a house and started screaming.  When police arrived the owner of the home met them on the front porch and told them that a co-worker was in their home and shouldn't be.  Here's where it gets weird.  The suspect eventually exited the home after the police shouted to him to come out.  He walks out covered in blood and says, "I lost my sunglasses."

The suspect was covered in his own blood due to cutting himself on the window he broke to get entry to the home.  Fox 59 reported that the man kept repeating bizarre things to the police officers,

"...she hasn’t been stabbed” and “she’s possessed.” Officers also said Nalker asked them to go inside, find his CD and “play track number 3 to save her.”

It's safe to say that this terrifying incident could have had an even worse ending.  The police found a blood-covered CD in the kitchen.  The suspect allegedly attempted to write a message in blood on the homeowner's entertainment system projection screen.


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