Warning: if you have a soul this video will make you cry.

This adorable Indianapolis couple have been married for 67 years.  Don and Joyce Hoffman recently were separated for a month when Joyce contracted Covid-19.  This is the longest they have been apart in the nearly 7 decades that they've been together.

Many people have lost family members to the Covid-19 pandemic.  In fact, we've lost nearly 120,000 people in the United States alone.  Recover for our elderly can be rough.  Thankfully Joyce was experiencing minor symptoms according to ABC News.

That touching moment when Don was surprised with his wife Joyce at their assisted living facility will make your eye leak.  What an adorable moment.


On May 20th we shared a similar story with you about a Michigan couple that were apart for 45 days due both of them getting Covid-19.  Unlike Joyce, their symptoms were far from mild.  They had never been apart that long in their 20 years of marriage.  You can read that full story and watch them reunite of video by clicking here.


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