Indiana bank robber tries to fly under the radar in hazmat suit.

Imagine stopping into your local bank in the middle of an otherwise boring Tuesday afternoon when a man walks in dressed in a Hazmat suit.  That would be alarming right?  That's what happed just after 3 P.M. Tuesday at a Fifth Third bank in Munster, Indiana.  Don't worry, this wasn't a matter of hazardous material.  This was a bank robbery.

The full coverage costume didn't give witnesses much to go on as far as a identifying the suspect according to the police report obtained by WGN Chicago,

A man described as African American, tall, slender and was dressed in a white hazmat suit with blue hard hat and goggles, approached a teller with a note.

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The suspect didn't show a weapon, but implied that he was armed.  The Hazmat malefactor got away on foot with a stack of cash.  You can see a photo of the man causing Hazmat Havoc on WGN's website by clicking here.  The funniest thing to me about the photo is the bank security guard standing there staring at the suspect as he entered Fifth Third a little over dressed.  If you have any information on this bank robbery you are asked to reach out to the Munster police by calling 219-836-6678.

The last story we brought you from Munster, Indiana was also very odd.  Back in February, a strange man forcibly removed a woman's shoe in Target to film her feet.  Get that full story by clicking here.

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