A man dressed as Pikachu on a riding lawn mower lead police on a dangerous chase and almost got away.

A Roachdale, Indiana police officer found himself in a real-life game of Pokémon GO.  After responding to reports of a man in a Pikachu driving erratically while pulling a trailer on a riding lawn mower, things got even crazier according to the Roachdale Police Department Facebook page,

Deputy Boller attempted to make a traffic stop on the mower. Unfortunately, Pikachu turned around, flipped Deputy Boller off, and continued on.

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Local law enforcement then began chasing the prickly Pikachu.  Even though the suspect was on a riding lawn mower, he was driving dangerously toward an area full of children.  The deputy ended the chase due to public safety.

The Facebook post doesn't explain how, but the deputy was soon able to identify and locate the Poké-bandit.  Two police officers found the man at his home and arrested him after what police are calling "a brief scuffle."

Here's where things get even stranger, in my opinion.  The suspect was not intoxicated or high according to police. If I'm being honest, that's the only part of this that shocks me.  The suspect was taken to the Putnam County jail and charged with one count of criminal recklessness, and two counts of resisting law enforcement.


I wonder if this guy knows the Indiana guy that was busted after passing out naked on his tractor in Santa Claus, Indiana back in 2020.

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