Another entitled person attacks an employee who's trying to do their job during the pandemic.

Yes, I said entitled.  I can't stress enough that following guidelines put in place to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, which include social distancing, washing your hands and wearing a mask inside public places is for the health and well being of everyone around you and their families.  It's not about you.  So, when you're asked to follow those guidelines and you decide that your convenience is more important than the health of others, saying that you're entitled is an understatement.

Yesterday around 9 A.M. in Mishawaka, Indiana, a 7-Eleven clerk told a customer that he must wear a mask or he couldn't be served.  The suspect then threw his coffee on the clerk and left.  He then returned and knocked the female clerk to the ground by punching her.  Once on the ground, he continued to punch and kick her according to WSBT.

The police report described the suspect,

The male subject is described as a light skin male black with small dreads, 5’9”-5”10” tall, 150 pounds wearing jeans with holes in them, a dark gray or black light coat with a hood on it and bright blue tennis shoes. It is believed that the male subject is between 20 and 25 years of age.

Less than two weeks ago we told you about a Michigan man who wiped his face on a Dollar Tree employee when he was asked to wear a mask.

Why not just be a decent human.  Treat people with respect and follow the guidelines to keep yourself and other safe.  Why wouldn't you?

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