Amazing art that benefits Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan!

People with talent (and without, aka me) got together to make something fun out of pallets! This year PalletPalooza did not disappoint, the pieces people made where INCREDIBLE!

Palletpalzooa is described best on the web-site as...

Recycled pallets will be transformed into amazing projects from wall art to furniture.
PalletPalooza™ is celebrating the recycled pallet trend with a competition and awards event. PalletPalooza™ will benefit Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan and its mission to provide employment, education, training, and support services to individuals and families so they can achieve self-sufficiency.


The winner of PalletPalooza 2017 was Steve Howard!

Yea, that vase is made out of pallet wood!


Steve described how he created this work of art...

"It is a vase made from the pallet cut into small pieces and then glued together into rings. The rings are then stacked and glued and lastly it is turned on a lathe. It is finished with wood dye and laqeur."

And Know For The Sad Entry At Palletpalooza...mine...


I've got nothing to say but...I tried...It's a garden box for my back patio fence.

The worst part is, my pallet was placed next to the winners display throughout the event. I think the presenters of this event were actually trying to make my work look better by placing it near the masterpiece!

Heather McGregor/TSM
Heather McGregor/TSM

The event was amazing! Great vendors, fun people and the most creative pieces of work made out of old pallets!

Looking forward to next year when Goodwill Industries hosts PalletPalooza 2018!

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