Top 5 Best Places To Get Chicken Wings In West Michigan

Amy Sherman and John Gonzales from team of 'Michigan's Best' took a poll of the best chicken wings in West Michigan. There were over 200 nominations and they narrowed the list down.

Here Are The Top 5 Places To Get Chicken Wings In West Michigan...

  1. Waldo's Campus Tavern in Kalamazoo
  2. Final Gravity in Decatur
  3. Erbellies Pizza in Kalamazoo
  4. Nonla Vietnamese Street Food in Mattawan
  5. Shakespeare's Pub in Kalamazoo

Amy and John commented on the great response they received when taking nominations for the best wings...

  "We were surprised that so many places had chicken wings that spoke to your souls, and honestly, we are stoked to see what makes these places unique and special."

I would love to know your opinion on the BEST wings served in South West Michigan!

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