*starts playing the X-Files theme song* 

Fox Mulder would absolutely love this house.

Located in Somonauk, IL, this house is unique for several reasons. First, and most obvious...it looks like a freakin UFO! Second, this home actually spins. I spent a good amount of time trying to locate a single piece of footage showing the spinning in action to no avail, sadly. But, according to the Zillow listing, it can spin.

The dome-style design is hardly a new concept. In fact, we've covered a couple of different dome houses that have wound up Zillow. Of course, this one was a bit strange because of the toilet that was right next to the bed:

And, with the dome design, concern about interior space would be completely valid. However, that is not the case with this $599,000 UFO home which is shockingly spacious inside.

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The home, at 2569 N 46th Road, comes with:

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 5 bathrooms (3 full, 2 half)
  • Central air
  • 5 acres of land

And a huge garage, too.

Let's take a tour:

This House in Illinois Not Only Looks Like a UFO...it Spins, Too

This house in Illinois is one of a kind and, surprisingly, very spacious.

Gorgeous, right?

The listing agents, Rohit Malik and Mark Altamore at Keller Williams ONEChicago, can be reached here should you be interested in the home. Of course, with the home being unique as it is, who knows how long it'll stay on the market.

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