The Illinois State Fair will be making its annual return to the prairie state to provide its inhabitants and visitors with a great time. The Illinois State Fair has been a long-standing tradition that was halted the past couple of years due to the pandemic. Now that things are a little bit better, the tradition must continue. Many people were sad or upset they could attend the past couple of years, but now a tradition that started in 1853, is back and still holding on strong.

The Illinois State Fair will take place in the state's capital, Springfield from August 11th to August 21st with some of the best hours ever. The fair will be open to all attendees from 7 am to Midnight for the duration of the fair.  For 11 straight days, the fair will be bustling from the early risers to the late-night riders, everyone has time to go and enjoy the fair. The Illinois State Fair will take place at State Fairgrounds located at 801 E. Sangamon Ave, Springfield, Illinois 62794-9427

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Pricing & Parking

Of course, the first thing everyone wants to know is how much something cost, and rightfully so, because this world ain't cheap. Nonetheless, the prices for the Illinois State Fair are fairly reasonable, see what I did there lol. Children from the ages of newborn to 12 are free, while Adults 13 to 59 are $10 on Fridays and Saturdays, but only $5 on all other days. Senior citizens are only $3, parking is $5 a day or you can purchase a seasonal pass to park in Gate 6, Lot 18 infield for $40.

Free And Discounted

There are some people who are lucky to get some free admission on some days and there are also discounted admission booklets available as well. Sunday, August 14th Veterans and immediate family are free, then Monday, August 15th Seniors and Scouts are free, and lastly Friday, August 19th First Responders are free. Now with the free admissions, you must have a proper ID or uniform to be granted free admission.

There are only 2 discounted admission booklets available but man they can make the trip cheaper. The Admission booklet is only $45 and gives you 11 adult tickets to any day during the 2022 Illinois State Fair. The same applies to the Senior Admission booklet, except it's a little bit cheaper, and comes with one less ticket. The Senior Admission booklet comes with 10 senior tickets to any day during the 2022 Illinois State Fair for just $30.

Ridiculous Rides

When it comes down to fair rides, you can never think of too many, and there's probably something new that you've never heard of. Well, there is a list available for at least some of the rides that will be available at the Illinois State Fair. They are Artic Express, Berry Go Round, Bugly The Whale, Century Wheel, Combo Cars 6, Dragon Wagon, Fire Chief, Freak Out, Fun Slide, Hurricane, Jumping Jack, Jumping Jumbo, Pharaoh's Fury, Rescue Boats, Rock Star, Starship 3000, Tea Party, Tilt-a-whirl, Tornado, Wacky Mouse, Yo Yo And Zero Gravity.

These rides are obviously in addition to the best part of any fair or carnival, the games and the food. As you expect to find at any carnival or fair, there will be elephant ears, funnel cakes, hot dogs, fresh squeezed lemonade, pretzels, and so many more delicious cuisine to dive into. While also getting you hooked on what seemed to be rigged carnival games as you try over and over, but just can't win.

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