A former Illinois police chief was busted for allegedly shoplifting at a Florida Walmart.

It's 2023.  There are cameras everywhere.  Everyone knows that if you shoplift from a big store like Walmart you will be caught on video.  Nobody knows that more than a former law enforcement officer, right?  Apparently, that's not the case as 59-year-old former Alsip, Illinois Police Chief Christopher Radz was arrested for larceny petty theft last week according to the police report obtained by Fox 35 Orlando,

The 59-year-old man was spotted by a loss prevention officer at the store picking up several items from a display, putting them into a Walmart plastic bag, passing all points of sale and leaving without trying to pay for the items

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The shoplifting suspect wasn't just a rookie cop.  Radz was a police chief of a small town just outside of Chicago for over 30 years.  Grabbing items, stuffing them in a bag, and walking out without paying doesn't feel like something a guy who has dedicated his life to law order would do.  People who know the suspect are in disbelief over the entire situation.

I feel like the real story is the part that has been left a complete mystery.  What was the former police chief allegedly stealing from the Walmart in the Villages?  Was it food or medical needs?  Or...was it "protection?"  He was in the famous Villages in Florida after all.

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