This state-of-the-art softball and baseball training facility is worth visiting.

Softball Fans two 70' and two 55' baseball cages, two 70' baseball throwing lanes, nine 55' softball cages, an indoor turfed field and a retail store.  The staff and trainers are super friendly and they know what they're doing because they actually play the game.

It's the perfect place to train during the off-season especially because it is an indoor facility.  I am catching for Kaylee Saggio, a Galesburg student and JV softball pitcher so I've seen first-hand how incredible their trainers are.

Softball Fans is a decked-out facility that features year-round training, and a jaw-dropping retail store plus top-notch websites offering the best softball and baseball gear. We’ve truly become a destination for thousands for athletes and fans all across the country.

Softball Fans is located just off of 94 and Sprinkle Road on Midlink Drive.

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