Here's the dilemma we face here. There's going to be weather this weekend. There was going to be weather last weekend. The weather last weekend could've been an ice storm, but by and large, it didn't happen - here.

Now, if you chose on the side of caution, you risk becoming something like the boy who cried wolf. But at the same time, if the worst case scenario develops and you don't get the word out, you're potentially putting people, if not in danger, at least into a dangerous situation.

That's what we face when we relay the weather forecast to you. Complicating things is, not only is this a big region, but also, Lake Michigan makes it hard to predict exactly where or how weather will track.

I try and couch forecasts some with words like "up to" and "potentially", because, in fact, if you drove up 131 to Grand Rapds early last Sunday, there was ice and some snow on the roads. It's just that it didn't reach our immediate area.

All that said, the National Weather Service folks in Grand Rapids (your tax dollars hard at work) are saying these parts could get somewhere "up to" (see what I did there?) 4 inches of snow late Friday or early Saturday. Now the advisory says the snow will turn to rain during the day Saturday, so any snow may melt by lunchtime. They are hedging their bets, too.

So, go and enjoy your weekend, but don't lose sight of your shovel.


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