I'll admit, the tan lines are pretty funny...until the pain sets in.  How do you get fast relief from a painful sunburn.

Dana Marshall's Sunburn
No, I was not wearing a bikini top while Kayaking.

To say that "I know better" is an understatement.  I always apply sunblock before I hit the water.  I really don't know what I was thinking.

I also didn't know my man boobs or "moobs" were so big they would cast shadows to create this hilariously painful tan line.

Tess, Suzannah and I hit the water for the first time this year.  We dropped our kayaks in the water at River Oaks Park.  The weather was perfect.  My judgement was not.

We kayaked to an amazing abandoned building.  Click the button below to check out these haunting pics.

How do you make the pain go away when you get a bad burn?  When you're done laughing at this picture please leave your suggestion in the comments below.


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