I claimed this couch last night at Seat N Sleep. DIBS!!!

OK, I didn't get kicked out. Here's the real story.

Last week during Roof Sit 2015, Adam at Seat N Sleep donated three pieces of furniture to help us raise money to fight child abuse. I though that was crazy generous of him.

Then he donated an awesome silver round chair to keep Tess comfortable while on the roof. OK...that was just day one.

On day two, Seat N Sleep challenged our audience to donate to Roof Sit by offering $250 gift certificates for the first 10 people who donated $103 to the cause. WOW!

Well...it was time to give back! We NEEDED some new furniture, and there was no doubt who was getting my business. I actually went a lil shopping crazy on my limited radio guy salary.

So, how do you like my new couch? :)



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