A couple amazing moments really made this Roof Sit special.  Here's a recap of Roof Sit 2021.

For the last 23 years, rain, shine or pandemic, 103.3 KFR has teamed up with the Community Healing Center to help raise money to fight child abuse right here in Southwest Michigan.  This year our goal was $80,000.  They're still hard at work calculating the donations which include the live and silent auction as well as dollars etc.  Right now it looks like we'll hit nearly $90,000.

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Paige told her emotional story Saturday on Facebook.  She heard an abuse survivor bravely share a gut wrenching story of what happened to her as a child on the radio during Roof Sit.  She couldn't get the story out of her head.  Paige went to donate only to run into the person she heard on the radio.  What are the chances?  I can't do this story justice.  Read Paige's full facebook post about that emotional moment below.

We were also able to raise $500 with the Pitbull Puppy Pile.  Saturday Morning people got puppy cuddles in exchange for their donations.  A huge thank you goes out to the SPCA of Southwest Michigan for making that happen for us.

There are so many volunteers that worked their butts off in the burning hot sun this year.  So, please know we appreciate every single one of you.  One specific group I would like to single out this year is the Gull Lake High School National Honors Society.  This group put in the hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Gull Road Shell station for Tips for Kids.  They raised nearly $3,000 themselves.  Absolutely amazing.

Get more info on where the money for Roof Sit goes and exactly what the Community Healing Center is all about by clicking here.

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