In this day and age, when I see someone doing something kind, for free, just to make someone's day I feel compelled to tell everyone about it. We need more of it in our lives.

In the Facebook group What's Happening KZOO (And Surrounding Cities), I saw a post with multiple pictures of beautifully decorated cakes. For those who don't know me, baked goods are a passion of mine. Not...not because I make them. That would make too much sense. It's because I love consuming them. I will never say no to a delectable baked good. But, enough about me.

The name of the account doing the posting also caught my attention: Katie Marie's Sweet Donations. this someone taking the time to make sweet treats just to donate them? Turns out, the answer is yes!

I reached out to Katie to find out more about this generous act.

In our exchange she told me this kindness started because she was practicing her baking skills about once a week along with her friend Sammy, who Katie calls her baking buddy. They decided that their creations, which were practice to them, could be used to spread some joy or make someone's day. So, they started donating their baked goods ranging from cookies to cupcakes to full sized cakes and everything in between. Take a look at a few of their creations:

LOVING these unicorn cupcakes

Via/ Katie Marie's Sweet Donations Facebook page

I know there are some football lovers out there

Via/ Katie Marie's Sweet Donations Facebook page

Are those TEDDY GRAHAMS? Yes please

Via/ Katie Marie's Sweet Donations Facebook page

Oreos combined with anything = winning

Via/ Katie Marie's Sweet Donations Facebook page

I forgot to ask about an exact time frame, but I believe this is a relatively new endeavor. Katie said they've already donated to 10 people and that number continues to grow. You can follow Katie Marie's Sweet Donations here. As you're browsing you should know according to Katie,

Every cake and good we post has been donated to a person in need or someone who just wants a sweet!

Just last week, they made a donation to YWCA, an organization dedicated to empowering women and eliminating racism.

Maybe I'm just speaking for myself, but something that always cheers me up is a sweet treat. I could be having the worst day ever. But, a few bites into a delicious cupcake and, suddenly, it doesn't seem that bad.

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This act of kindness, donating sweet treats, is so simple and yet such an easy way to make someone's day a little bit better. Katie and Sammy, if you're reading this, I'm giving you a virtual high-five.

If you'd like to help spread some joy they are accepting monetary donations. As well, if you'd like to get more information on how to arrange a donation you can contact Katie on her Facebook page, Katie Marie's Sweet Donations.

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