Binder Park Zoo has a Mother's Day promotion this Sunday, and not just because Makena the giraffe gave birth last Spring and is celebrating her first Mother's Day, too.

Any mother or grandmother accompanied by her children or grandchildren gets in for 50% off this Sunday, Mother's Day.

Along with visiting with Makena and her calf Kijana, there's also the newest African painted dog, a female named Ghost now on exhibit with the pack.

African spotted dog (Photo: Binder Park Zoo)
African spotted dog (Photo: Binder Park Zoo)

There's always the African lion exhibit! Binder Park Zoo says "An elevated view from inside the Chai Pride Tours bus offers guests a new perspective to the lions as they roam, romp and lounge in their spacious, natural habitat." The Adventure Station has the latest reptile species exhibited; a blue-tongued skink, black milk snake, Malayan box turtles and eastern fox snake.

The Zoo is open Mother's Day from 11a-6pm. Regular admission is $14.25 for adults, $12.25 for children and $13.25 for seniors. Children under the age of two are admitted free.


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