Binder Park Zoo welcomed it's 10th baby giraffe into the fold, when 17 year old Makena gave birth on May 23rd. Zoo staff have name the babyKijana. Kijana, a female reticulated giraffe, came in at 170 lbs.and 73 inches long. She will be on exhibit later in June at the zoo.

The gestation period for giraffes is 14 to 15 months and calves can be up to 6 feet tall at birth.  Giraffe babies start off their lives with a 6-foot drop into the world as their mothers give birth standing up.  The giraffe is the tallest land animal and the reticulated giraffe is the most well-known of the giraffe subspecies.

“Mom and baby are both doing well,” said Brett Linsley, Manager of Wildlife, Conservation and Education at Binder Park Zoo.  “This is a significant birth because there are so few reticulated giraffes remaining in the wild and because the conservation status of this subspecies has yet to be classified.”

Although the giraffe is an iconic symbol of Africa, today there are only a few small areas where giraffes remain in the wild.  Their populations have diminished to a staggering 90,000—a number that exceeded 140,000 in 1999.  According to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF), giraffe populations have declined by 35% over the last two decades, much of which is due to habitat loss and poaching. - Binder Park Zoo release

The Zoo says they will post update at to Kijana's debut on their Facebook page.


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