It's a theme that is sadly all too common right now. So many stores continue to plan on closing their doors at the Lakeview Square Mall in Battle Creek. Last week the Sears announced they were closing and now this week, Hot Topic announced at the end of December they too will be closing their doors. No longer will the people of Battle Creek have a place to go buy edgy/trendy clothes.

As they announced on their Facebook post:

We are very unfortunate to announce, Lakeview Hot Topic will be closing its doors December 23rd. We are all very upset to see the store closing, and we will miss all of our Battle Creek customers. Feel free to come in and say goodbye to us before we’re gone❤️

A lot of people think the mall will eventually become a ghost town with all the stores that will be closing. It's truly not a good year for the companies inside Lakeview.





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