Time to cozy up with some cocoa!

Yes, I know technically hot chocolate and hot cocoa are two different things-- but does anyone care? They're both deliciously hot chocolatey beverages in my book and are must-haves during cold winter weather.

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Throughout the recent holiday season so many delectable cups of cocoa covered in mountains of whipped cream came across my TV screen as I watched all my favorite classic Christmas movies. Obviously winter, hot chocolate, and the holidays go hand-in-hand, but as much as I wanted to partake something just didn't feel right.

Sure the hot chocolate looked divine, but with such mild weather it just didn't feel like right time to indulge. Of course, now that winter weather has truly settled in Southwest Michigan that's all changed. Bring on the cocoa, I say!

Over the past week no less than three different posts about hot chocolate flights have come across my social media feed and I'm taking it as a sign: it's time for cocoa. 

If you're looking to try something new, you're sharing with a friend, or you're just indecisive, here are 3 hot chocolate sampler flights you can enjoy this season:

Cherri's Chocol'art - Downtown Kalamazoo

hot chocolate flight
Cherri's Chocol'art LLC via Facebook

Whether it's now or later, someday Cherri's going to get you! If you see any monstrous milkshakes or crazy confectionary creations-- it's probably Cherri's. This season Cherri's offers 4 flavor samples with their hot chocolate flight including hazelnut, classic signature hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow, peppermint hot chocolate, and "the Oscar" which is topped with salted caramel sauce. You might discover a new favorite!

The Backyard of Kalamazoo - Stadium Drive

hot chocolate flight
The Backyard of Kalamazoo via Facebook

Have you visited The Backyard yet? This family-friendly venue offers plenty of play space outdoors for the kids and plenty of tasty treats indoors for the adults. Their new spiked hot cocoa flight features flavors of vanilla, caramel, and peppermint.

The Modern Well - Lawton, Michigan

hot chocolate flight
The Modern Well via Facebook

Located just South of Kalamazoo you'll find The Modern Well coffee shop who offers their hot chocolate flight for $8 per flight. Modern Well offers flavors like peppermint bark, mocha, butterscotch, and butter pecan-- and my mouth is already watering.

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