With Kalamazoo County authorizing spraying insecticide over the county due to the Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) situation, Mayor Bobby Hopewell issued a statement asking questions and raising his concern over the plan.

The planes are scheduled to being spraying the county Sunday evening at 8pm.

Hopewell's conncerns are,

The recent cases of mosquito-borne EEE in Michigan are a cause for concern, and I and city staff have encouraged city residents to take the necessary precautions to prevent EEE as recommended by the State of Michigan and the Kalamazoo County Health & Human Services Department.

However, the spraying of pesticides by airplane over the entire city raises too many unanswered questions and concerns for me to support this action at this time. I support efforts to eliminate mosquito-borne illnesses, but in a densely populate areas such as the city of Kalamazoo a more targeted approach is appropriate.

While County and State officials have stated the pesticide is safe, thoughtful consideration of where treatment is applied will help to protect the public while also protecting natural areas and sensitive utility infrastructure.

City of Kalamazoo staff will take necessary steps to ensure drinking water infrastructure is protected while spraying is underway. We are also continuing to work with officials with the State of Michigan and Kalamazoo County to exempt as many natural areas as possible.

Hopewell's statement points to the city's website and the state's website..

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