When the weather gets hot, most people want to find a way to cool down. In the Spring, Summer, and Fall months when the sun is out and temperatures get above 70 degrees many make trips to swimming pools, lakes, and even ocean beaches and some choose to run thru the sprinkler, turn on some air conditioning, or choose to do nothing about it.

Then there are those who like to flex that they have a swimming pool and are always swimming because why not, right?

I've seen some pretty cool swimming pools attached to some houses. It's like people's creative juices flow the most when it's time for them to design their pool and the yard around it. From basketball hoops and slides to saltwater and anything else you can think of, I've probably seen in it.

I thought I had seen it all, until, I saw the pool that's attached to this beautiful home in Indiana, which has an abnormal home pool feature.

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This Zillow home found in Carmel, Indiana came across my Facebook timeline via Zillow Gone Wild, and I would have to agree, wild is the name for this home. The wood and metal design on the inside, the stone-looking brick on the outside, with the pool and parking lot as the finishing touches are spectacular. There are other significant amenities within the home and on the property, but I can't tell you everything.

Now, one thing I will spoil is the fantastic pool in the backyard. Unlike other personal pools, this one has a unique touch to make it feel more competitive, if you will. This pool has lane lines on the bottom of the pool to indicate where the buoy lines would float to separate racers.

I think a family full of swimmers could build a magnificent legacy with this home.

Take a look at this gallery that gives you a walk-through of the property, several of the rooms inside, a detailed look at the pool, and more. Don't forget this house and luxurious pool could be for you and your family for the small price of $1.3 million dollars. You know, if you got that kind of money just laying around, why not, right?

Swimmer's Dream Home In Carmel, IN

Images of a Stunning Home with an Outlandish Swimming Pool

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