An Ottawa County resident captured an amazing photo along Lake Michigan.

According to a story from, Stacey Anne Leeson was walking along Port Shelton Beach in Ottawa County when she saw hundreds of ice balls lining the shore and took a breathtaking photo.  How is this phenomenal possible?

"...occurs when small pieces of ice break off in the water and are rendered smooth by the waves." explains that the ice ball formation is similar to how a pearl is made:

They start out life as a small chunk of ice in the water. Like the oyster's sandy seed, the small chunk of ice grows by thin measures as it tumbles in the waves. Ice boulders can only form when the air is cold enough for the water to instantly freeze and the lake is cold, but not too cold. A stiff breeze helps to churn things up. When a face of the ice boulder is hit with the water from a wave, it freezes in the cold air, getting just a bit larger in size.

Something similar happened on Lake Michigan back in December of 2014:

Bonus Video

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