Did you know that Battle Creek has the first-ever historic bridge park in the United States? So, what exactly is Historic Bridge Park?

The Historic Bridge Park in Calhoun County is basically an outdoor museum that doubles as a public park.  This park currently has 6 restored historic bridges from the state of Michigan.  These bridges are well over 100 years old and could no longer serve their purpose in their original spots.  These bridges were brought to this park and restored.  These bridges likely would have otherwise been destroyed when they were replaced.

Historic Bridge Park Details

Location: 14930 Wattles Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49014

Hours: 8 AM to 8 PM all year round

Admission Cost: Free

Features: 6 Historic and restored bridges, outdoor art, boat launch, and picnic area.

Historic Bridge Park in Battle Creek, Michigan

Check out this drone view of Historic Bridge Park below.

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Below is the TikTok that alerted me to this amazing little outdoor museum that's been right under our noses the whole time.

Get more information on the history of these bridges along with many high-quality photos from HistoricBridges.org by clicking here.

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