There are many anticipated openings in Kalamazoo ranging from food, like the new downtown Cairo's Kitchen, to Lefty's Cheesesteaks, and also the San Francisco's Tacos on Portage St. These places will no doubt get a bunch of business once they open considering the amount of medical marijuana dispensaries have been opening up in Kalamazoo. Well get ready because we're about to add yet another one to the growing list of dispensaries we've been seeing. High Profile Medical Marijuana Dispensary will be opening Friday, July 16th at 10 a.m. at 823 West Michigan Avenue, in the Central Business District in Kalamazoo.

What Is High Profile?

It's owned by C3 Industries (C3), a vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis operator, and this announcement for Kalamazoo means it will open its ninth dispensary nationally and fifth location in Michigan.

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More Openings

In addition to the Kalamazoo store, High Profile is currently running seven other locations across Michigan, Missouri and Oregon. High Profile and C3 are also planning to open three additional Missouri locations this year and six others nationally, including an expansion into the Massachusetts market.

Just How Many Dispensaries Are In Kalamazoo?

With the addition of this new dispensary, and according to my research, I'm seeing that this will be the 14th location within Kalamazoo where medical marijuana is dispensed. That's not even counting the Battle Creek locations and surrounding Southwest Michigan locations. Like it or not, this industry is spreading like wildfire across the state and I think it's only gonna continue to "grow."

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