Summer in Michigan is the perfect time to make a road trip to explore some of the state's most popular vacation spots. And there's no shortage of incredible places to travel to whether you want to explore nature or enjoy the sights of the big cities. But if you're looking for one of the nation's hidden gems to visit, you'll find a place named one of the 'coolest hidden wonders' here in the Great Lakes state.

Canva/Cherry Point Farm Instagram
Canva/Cherry Point Farm Instagram

Michigan Farm Named One Of America's 'Coolest Hidden Wonders'

Stacker recently ranked lesser-known hidden travel gems in America worthy of a summer road trip. One Michigan spot lands on the list with an incredible tourist attraction voted one of the places people in the nation want to visit.

According to Stacker, Cherry Point Farm and Market's Lavender Labyrinth in Shelby, MI is an 'out of this world' experience:

If there's intelligent life beyond planet Earth looking down at us to try to decide a good spot to make their eventual landing, they just might choose Cherry Point Farm and Market Lavender Labyrinth—because this stunning, enormous feat of landscape design, which features 36 herb beds, can be seen from space.


And they wouldn't live up to their name if you couldn't buy all things 'cherry' from the Cherry Point Farm and Market, like their craveable cherry donuts.

They also offer fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs as well.

And the best part is walking through the Lavender Labyrinth and herb garden is completely free. Don't miss visiting one of America's Coolest Hidden Gems at Cherry Point Farm And Market this summer.

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