When people go back to the stores on June 15th once they're allowed to return plastic and glass bottles, along with cans for the 10 cent deposit, how many of them will actually be able to return them on the first day? I have to imagine that the lines to get in are going to be insane. There's no doubt gonna be packed returnable areas for at least a few weeks, maybe up to a month as people look to cash in on their refundable investments.

But when they finally get cash in hand for those returnables, what will they be planning on buying or doing with the money? Personally, I don't drink a lot of beverages that require a deposit, so I've only got about $5 worth. But I've heard and seen of people having a mini fortune saved up. I took to Facebook to ask the collective Southwest Michigan community how they planned on spending it. I was surprised at how much charity I saw:

Steve Vacante

Donated ours to the autism and special needs play place in sterling heights.

Jo Storch
We donated all of ours to the Wrestling team
Jackie Doorn Terpstra
Donating to 12 Baskets.
Andrew Buckhannon
Already donated about $100 worth to a local girl wanting to raise money for her travel volleyball. She might get double that by the time we can...lol
Holly Vann
I've actually donated a lot of mine. Some local high school students are trying to raise money for a trip to Spain next year.
There were plenty more who donated as well, but there's no shame in keeping it for yourself either. Below are all the responses I got:

What Are These Locals Spending Their Deposit Money On?

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