With all the shut downs and closures that have taken place over the Covid- 19 situation, there are some restaurants who's future is up in the air. How long will this last? When will things return to normal? These are questions whose answers will have a direct impact on whether or not certain restaurants will be able to continue to do business once this passes over. One Ann Arbor based website, saveMIfaves.org, is offering a possible solution to this problem.

The website helps people easily find/buy gift cards to their favorite local businesses, while not benefiting from the transactions in any way, according to Mlive. As of Friday, March 27th there are more than 100 restaurants, cafes and bars that sell gift cards online. Most of the listed companies are in the Ann Arbor area, however they're making strides to include more restaurants state-wide. However, there some restaurants listed in Kalamazoo, along with Ypsilanti, Detroit, East Lansing, Albion, Grand Rapids, Dexter and more across the state.

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