I received a rather large package via USPS from Amazon Pantry at the WKFR studio this week.  The more digging I did, the more confused I became.

Clue #1: Two large, very heavy packages marked "Amazon Prime Pantry."

Dana Marshall

Clue #2:  The package is addressed to Mr. Dana 'Prince' Marshall.

Dana Marshall

Clue #3:  Mountain Dew...Lots and lots of sweet Mountain Dew.

Dana Marshall

The person that sent me this package knows the following:

#1.  Where I work

#2.  I'm a Prince fan

#3.  I love Mountain Dew

#4.  My name

Well...that narrows it down to...anyone that's ever met me or listened to me on the radio.

OK...will the kind and generous Mt Dew giver please step forward?

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