Several homes had packages lifted right off of their front step in Royal Oak, Michigan in the middle of the afternoon.  Here's how you can prevent this in West Michigan.

According to clickondetroit,

The video clearly shows a man walking onto her property after a UPS delivery man dropped packages off. Within minutes of the drop-off, a thief in a blue sweatshirt and baseball cap swooped in.

Royal Oak police said they're looking into whether the man is behind multiple thefts in recent days. When Haynes talked to neighbors, she learned she wasn't the only victim.

"(A neighbor) said it happened two to three times this past week, but it's been Amazon stuff," Haynes said.

Here are 3 ways to prevent this from happening to you right here in West Michigan.

#1.  Have packages delivered to your workplace.
Notice in the story that packages were stolen with in minutes of UPS dropping the packages off?  It's highly likely the theives are following delivery drivers through neighborhoods and getting your goods the minute the driver pulls away.  Why take the chance?

#2.  Insure Your deliveries.
It may cost a couple extra bucks, but it's worth it.  Insuring your package when you order it may allow you to have it replaced immediately.

#3.  Outdoor Smart Security Camera.
Just the mere sight of a security camera system in plain sight pointing at the package will deter most criminals.  If it doesn't, you now have them on video!

Tis the season for daytime door to door theft.  Keep an eye on your neighbors door step and have a very Happy Holiday season!

BONUS VIDEO: Comstock Home Invasion Security Camera Footage


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