Find out how you can help Abbie Kopf's family at a local fundraiser.

Abigail Kopf survived the horrific shooting in Kalamazoo that killed six in February of 2016.  According to WWMT, Abbie has had a tough recovery and is still dealing with things like low blood pressure and memory loss.

Back in June, Abbie suffered from a dangerous infection caused by the plate that was inserted in her skull.  Now, she is having ANOTHER surgery to insert a brand new plate.  Abbie's family is holding a fundraiser to help pay for the upcoming surgery and you can help:

"...there will be a silent auction at WMU's Fetzer Center, on Saturday, February 25, from 10 to 2.  All of the money raised will go to pay for Abbie's medical bills." - WWMT

When: Saturday, February 25th from 10am-2pm

Grab the tissues before watching this video.

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