Ah, Springtime in Michigan. Random temperatures, sometimes there's snow and a dash of allergies for those who suffer.

On a positive note, something you'll probably notice when you finally open your windows is the chorus of birds singing you the song of their people. I know some might find it annoying, especially before the first cup of coffee is had. But, I love it.

What can I say? I love birds! But, I wanted to know more about which birds I might be hearing in my Michigan backyard.

Here are at least 10 we're probably hearing during Spring in SW Michigan:

Listen Up! 10 Birds You're Hearing in Spring in Michigan

Michigan has a ton of birds living in the state. Here are at least 10 that you might be hearing during Michigan's Spring.

Now, Michigan is home to a lot of different bird species. I mean, a lot. According to abcbirds.org, there have been over 450 different bird species found in the mitten state. Obviously, that's way too many for me to cover here.

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But, you can see a longer list of birds you might spot/hear in your backyard during Michigan's spring season here.

Don't have a backyard? No problem. There's an entire Facebook page dedicated to birdwatching in Kalamazoo. Check it out:

This Facebook Page Makes Bird Watching in Michigan Easy and Delightful

The Facebook page, The Bird Perch, is constantly sharing photos and videos of Michigan's beautiful birds. Most of them are right here in our own backyard!

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