There is a first for everything and this was a first for me. Spinning out of control on US 131. It happened yesterday as I was driving home from Grand Rapids. For the most part the roads were not that difficult to drive on. The challenge was the other drivers. I couldn’t have been more than 3 miles away from the ramp to get onto I-94 heading south, when the worst happened.

I was doing about 50mph in the right lane at the time and was being approached by a semi-truck pretty quickly. I didn’t want to move into the left lane because cars were traveling pretty fast and I didn’t want to cut someone off. So I sped up to about 60 giving in to the pressure of the truck behind me. Then I felt my back end start to swerve.

I remembered not turn the opposite way to try to over compensate so I turned with it. I straightened out, but felt myself going the other way. So I did the same thing eventually just traveling sideways while sliding down US 131. I did finally recover and went back to driving normally, but wow what a scare.

This ever happen to you? Share your story!

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