When I say I have never met a dog THIS sweet, I'm speaking the truth.

This is Adora. Matching her name, she is truly adorable. As soon as she walked in our building she immediately ran up to me, laid at my feet and looked up with a wide smile seemingly anticipating pets, which I happily provided.

Adora 2

I swear its like she knew it was time to be on camera because, sure enough, as soon as we went live on Facebook (which you can see here) Adora hopped up on Katie's lap and smiled for the camera.

Adora 1

Adora is approximately 3 years old and has a lot of energy. Based on her demeanor, Katie Timber things she'll be good for any home. However, if you do have other pets the SPCA always suggests a meet and greet to make sure the animals get along before making a commitment.

She's fully vaccinated and ready for her forever home! If you think that might be with you, you can contact the SPCA of SW Michigan here.

If, however, you cannot adopt Adora or any other animal, there are still ways you can help. And the SPCA definitely needs it.

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The SPCA is getting crowded. Meaning, they need fosters. Katie told us that they have a surprising number of neonatal pets that need specific care, like bottle feeding. Plus, it's a great way to help socialize animals so they're more likely to be adopted.

As well, the SPCA has an upcoming event called the Puppy and Kitten Shower. It's their 5th annual Puppy and Kitten Shower and provides a day of games, prizes, tours of the shelter and more. The purpose of the event is to help them stock up on supplies for the many puppies and kittens that are expected to be received at the shelter. You can find more details here.

And, as always, if all you can do is share this story so Adora can find her forever home, we appreciate it!!

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