Michigan has always had a rich history of creepy happenings. I've put together a small list of some the most eerie urban legends our state has to offer. Do you dare to seek them out? Let's begin...

  1. DOGMAN- Apparently this myth was started by a radio DJ in Traverse City, however it became clear in time that he may have inadvertently predicted a strange creature.The very first report was made by a pair of lumberjacks in 1887 where they claimed to have seen a human with a dog's head. It's also to have been said that a man approached a pack of dogs in 1938 and after unloading his firearm, the pack scattered. Except for one, that stood on its hind legs and gave the man a glare before running away into the woods. Many say Dogman was captured in a photo from the 60's.
  2. THE NAIN ROUGE- This "harbinger of doom" has been an urban legend of Detroit for a long time. The Ottawa tribe that once lived there viewed it as a protector of the area. But since it was seen by Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac, Detroit's Founder, it has been said to be an omen of terrible things to come.It's said to have been seen on the day of Battle of Bloody Run, the Detroit fire of 1805, a day before the Detroit Riot's of 67' and the great ice storm in 76. Multiple reports have continued even as recently as 1996. This urban legend has influenced the branding of wine, beer and even a Detroit Metal Band The Nain Rouge.  
  3. MELON HEADS- This one comes from a place not far from Kalamazoo in the woods of Holland, MI. Reports of humanoid-like creatures roaming the forests with large, swollen heads. The story goes that a hospital in the area was treating hydrocephalic children long ago. The hospital was forced to close, and the children had nowhere to go, so they were released wildly in Holland. Although, many reports say that this is a myth and there was never any hospital in the area. However, teenagers still claim to see the Melon Heads. If you travel some of the dirt roads in Holland late at night, you may also encounter them as well.
  4. SLEEPING BEAR'S DAUGHTER- The daughter of Ottawa Chief Sleeping Bear was one of the most beautiful in the land. He sought to protect her from unworthy suitors so he deserted her on an island in the middle of the Detroit River surrounded by snakes and asked for her protection (that sounds safe). Some say she still roams Belle Island as a woman in white or as a deer. Some even try to draw her out by parking their car, turning it off and honking their horn three times.
  5. CRYING WOMAN OF INDIAN VILLAGE- On Seminole Street, in Detroit’s historic Indian Village,there is a dark-haired female who repeatedly makes the same movements inside of the mansion she once resided in. The Ghost of the woman walks down the stairs while crying and disappears into the butler’s pantry. Although she has appeared multiple times over the years, no one has been able to console her spirit. She's thought to be the ghost of a woman who died in a house fire.

What other great urban legends or ghost stories are some of your favorites?


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