At the start of 2022, we noticed some changes were finally starting to take place at Kalamazoo's infamous Gull Road Tavern. The building has sat unused for close to 10 years, so when construction crews started working on the building at 5001 Gull Road in Kalamazoo we couldn't help but get excited!

Affectionately referred to as GURT or GRT, Gull Road Tavern was a popular watering hole located just off of busy M-343 near Sprinkle Rd. According to one source, in the 1940s it was owned by a man named Albert Davies who also owned the Fairway Tavern.

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Throughout numerous changes over the years, the Gull Road Tavern remained in operation until 2013 when the building was either sold or leased. Not much else has happened until January 2022 when construction appeared to begin.

(Dave Benson, TSM)
Gull Road Tavern - January 2022 (Dave Benson, TSM)

Inquiring minds are once again curious to know the status of the building as one member of the We Are Parchment Facebook group, Carol Geving, asked:

Anyone know what is happening with the old Gull Road Tavern?

As someone who drives past the deteriorating building every day on my way to work, it hurts my heart to just see it sitting there empty; I was very curious to know the status too!

Judging by the comments left on Facebook it's anyone's guess as to what the fate of the building will be. Here's what locals had to say:

  • "Been [remodeling] for about 15 years. Your guess as good as mine" - Marianne Taggart
  • "I know they had planned to reopen, but at this rate it will rot long before that!" - Patrik Ciezelski
  • "They should just sell it to someone who has’s in a great location..but is such an eyesore right now!!love to see something to benefit the community go in there..not a weed store!!!" - Amy Hicks
  • "The current owner bought the liquor license as well as the building. He used to be my landlord. I know his plan at the time was to keep it a tavern, but he’s pretty slow rolling so who knows at this point." - Bonniejo Lentz
via Google Maps
Gull Road Tavern - 2019 (via Google Maps)

What would you like to see happen with the old GRT building?

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