If you're looking for an excuse to ditch the kids and spend some time with your significant other or other adult friends, here it is!

While I personally don't have children, all of my friends with kids never stop saying how much they love them but that it would be nice to, every once in a while, have a night to be an adult. Which is perfectly understandable.

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With that in mind, Gull Meadow Farms, for the first time, will be hosting an adult only night on their property this Thursday, 7/29. You will need to purchase tickets which will include:

  • Admission to the farm and sunflower field
  • A scenic wagon ride
  • A cup of goat feed
  • 3 U-Cut sunflowers
  • A lemonade or donut sundae

And more. You can see everything that's included with your ticket here.

Tickets are $22.99 per person and, according to a Facebook post from Gull Meadow Farms, they are limited. There is a discount for large groups of 15 or more. Find all the information you need an purchase tickets here.

While Gull Meadow Farms announced their new, adult-only night this past Friday, 7/23, some people expressed their disappointment because, for them, it was short notice. However, Gull Meadow Farms responded saying,

not sure if this date works for your schedule this year but we are giving it a try and we know if it goes well we can offer more next year too!

Fingers crossed that it does, indeed, go well!

As mentioned above, tickets are limited. So, if you're in the mood for a summer date night or a girls night out, don't wait! These tickets may be gone soon.

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