I come from a generation of Murderinos and true crime fanatics who were raised on shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghosts, true crime, and urban legends is just what we do!

Although it may seem a bit morbid, there has been a recent rise in fascination with true crime. Dare I say true crime is trendy?

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Certainly hauntings never go out of style, especially now that it's officially spooky season. Now in its 4th year, there's a company in Grand Rapids that offers unique walking tours of the city.

While these tours do highlight notable sites throughout the cityscape where historic events have occurred there, these these stops also share something very gruesome in common!

GR Tours

Depending on the time of year two different tours are offered: GR Crime Tours or GR Haunted Tours-- you get the idea!

Offered May through September GR Crime Tours guide guests through downtown Grand Rapids,

Featuring over a dozen stories of crime, mystery, and urban legends, guests will be transported back in time to a buzzing River City whose brick streets cover some ominous secrets.

Then as the Halloween season approaches the tours shift focus from true crime to the paranormal with GR Haunted Tour. What's the difference? Well, in this tour you'll:

uncover the ghost stories, urban legends, and paranormal secrets hidden in the shadows of Downtown Grand Rapids on this wickedly funny, hauntingly memorable walking tour.

What to Expect:

No matter which experience you pick, true crime or haunted, expect each tour to last 2 hours. While tours are open to guests ages 18+ I've been saving the best bit of info for last: participants can drink on the tours!

Walking tours explore the downtown Grand Rapids refreshment area and include drink stops along the way so you can sip and speculate over some of West Michigan's most wicked bits of history.

I haven't taken this tour yet myself so I can't speak from experience, but this sounds like a fun way to learn more about your own backyard and have fun while you do it. Sounds like a perfect pre-Halloween girls night to get in the spirit! Find more details on GR Tours here.

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