Thanks to websites like Zillow, we now have access to incredibly unique homes across the country. This home, however, definitely stands out even amongst other unique homes.

This home in Lincoln, IN, which is about four hours away from Kalamazoo, is shaped like an octagon. Meaning, there is not a single square room in the entire home. Not only that but, the entire home is painted black, as you'll see in the below pictures.

Currently, the home is for sale for $250,000 and is listed by Seth Goodman at M E Realty. He can be contacted here.

The home, which you can also see on Zillow, isn't massive. But, would be perfect for a couple or a small family (especially those that love "gothic" or darker aesthetics). The home includes:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Attached garage
  • A deck
  • Fireplace

Among others. Truly, this home is visually striking. But, instead of reading about it, why not take a virtual tour?

This Gothic Dream Home is a Mere Four Hours from Kalamazoo

This very unique home, in Indiana, is definitely an eye-catcher. Especially for those that love darker aesthetics.

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