This will certainly catch your attention.

There's a home in Illinois that has become known as the "Golden Pyramid House." Located in Wadsworth, the home had a structure that was once the largest 24-karat gold-plated object ever created.

On theme, the property also features a triple pyramid garage, a pyramid home, a 64-foot statue of Ramses, and, according to,

a 17,000-square-foot six-story structure containing a replica of King Tut's tomb.

As well, the surrounding walls are decorated in ancient Egyptian fashion with what looks like hieroglyphics and more:

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

They once offered tours during the summer months but, those have been put on hold indefinitely. But, thanks to apps like Tiktok, you don't have to leave your couch to catch a glimpse of the house. I stumbled on this Tiktok just a few days ago:

Is the Gold Plating Still There?

Unfortunately, no.

In 2011, neighbors forced the owners of the pyramid house to replace the gold plating with yellow paint. Apparently, on sunny days, the light bouncing off of the gold plating became blinding.

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Sadly, the owners of this house suffered a fire in 2018 that completely destroyed the interior of the pyramid. The owners were able to escape but, many of the artifacts and decorations were lost. That's what led to the decision to cancel tours.

Was a tourist responsible for the fire? It's not clear. They were, however, able to rebuild in 2022.

While you can't step inside this structure, you can still admire it from the road. Learn more here.

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